Prior conflicting plans were in place this weekend that were going to prevent me from riding at all. So what's a grown man to do about that? Whine and mope around the house of course. (I had some good coaching from the munchkins)

A little after 11:00, the day's itinerary changed. I was on top of the first hill in Rockville by 12:30. zoom zoom zoom.
Weather was perfect. The trails were in great shape. Tilly is still in goat purgatory.

A few short months ago I posted a California Green thread. Things are a tad different.

This big guy nearly became a stain on the trail. Luckily I saw him in time. He had some other luck some point in his past because his tail stump was just healing over. After taking a couple of pics, I carried him off the trail a few yards to prevent any lizard carnage.

Riding along and the bike needs a break. So what?

Zipping along a regular trail I happened to notice a spur heading up that I've not paid attention to before. Hike a biked up it to see where it went. Found this neat rock slab and the trail keeps going past it.

The view looking back to the slab. On the way back down, this looks like some serious end trail doesn't it? Hiked all the way up to a nice break spot with a view then zipped back down and resumed my previously interupted trail.

Daddy duck and his ducklings were enjoying the day too. The protective quacker scurried his brood into the lake when I stopped to take their picture.

Happy pappy's day to all the dad types out there.