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    PSA - Warmer Weather Brings Ticks

    The unseasonably warm weather is bringing out the ticks. Hiked at Nisene yesterday in shorts and found a tick on me at 4:30 this morning when I was getting ready to leave for a day trip to Kirkwood. Woke the wife and had her pull it out of my right hamstring area and then got on the road and skied all day. It hurt throughout the day, but because I was skiing and my legs were sore, I thought nothing of it. I probably get 10 ticks a year so it didnít even faze me.

    Got it home tonight and noticed my hamstring felt liked it had been kicked. Half my leg is swollen and very painful. The tissue is hardening in a 4in circle and very hard/hot so itís infected. Also have a terrible headache and I donít get headaches.

    So I did a quick google at Mayo Clinic and they suggest immediate medical attention based on the infection and headache related to tick bite. Urgent care clinic closed 5 min before I got home, so Iím in the ER. Not a happy camper right now.

    Any ways, be sure your checking for ticks right now even though itís not Spring yet.
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    I have had 2 ticks in me in the last 7 days!
    Hiked Angle island last Sat and got one in my back. Today I rode UC and when I got home I had one dug in a few inches from my other one on my back.
    I haven't had ticks in me for years. Both of the ticks hurt pretty bad. Fingers crossed.

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    Looks like my infection. although painful, is not related to anything from the tick itself. Most likely the open sore from pulling it out, got infected from bacteria on my skin while skiing in 40+ degree weather all day and sweating my ass off.

    I'm on antibiotics for 10 days and will need to report back if the infection area continues to grow. Woke up this morning and it's itching like crazy, so that's probably a good sign.
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    Pulled a few off of me after riding Backside China Camp on Sat.
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    I guess the ticks have been getting wild having tick sex (there is a visual).

    My PSA is always contact a doctor if worried about Lyme Disease from a bite. A week of antibiotics will take care of the Lyme, that is all there is to it. There is a lot of myth around treating Lyme and to treat it in the initial stage is simple.


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    Bugger!!!!! they get us when we have our guard down. Same thing with oak.
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    Weird- we get the vast Majority of ticks when it gets really cold out-starts in Dec thru March. We have 2 large dogs that trail hike everyday in LG trails. Most days we pick 10+ ticks off each. Theyíre on medication which kills them. Iíve had 5 embedded in me in the last year-sent all to tick all have been negative for nasty stuff- just another datapoint.

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    Ticks out at fort ord in full force as well. Have to check myself and the dog every time we go out.

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