Please help me find my stolen HDR! [Santa Cruz, CA]-
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    Upset Please help me find my stolen HDR! [Santa Cruz, CA]

    Hi guys,

    First post but I am reaching out for help. Two nights ago some ass hats from my work stole my Ibis HDR Cobra Blue (XL Frame). I have attached an album of screenshots from surveillance video.

    2801 Mission Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    Date: 11/29/16
    Time: 7:40pm

    Bike Thieves - Album on Imgur

    Both criminals appeared to be teens and heavily intoxicated. One has short red hair and the other mid level dark hair, both around 5'8". One of these two teens had a heavily decayed tooth in his lower jaw. I know this is a crap shoot but if anyone has any info please help me! I've had my baby for about a year and a half and I am missing it dearly.

    Here it is!
    HDR - Imgur

    Thanks guys! Shred it.


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    Wow, that sucks. I hope you get it back. That's a pretty snazzy looking place, I hope the police are all over it.

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    Good shots of them though! I wish you luck man.

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    It might help if you provided some bike component specifics or other ways to identify your particular bike. Riding in the Santa Cruz area, I have seen plenty of HDRs -- I notice them because I ride one myself (green trim). Good luck!

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    You are absolutely right! My anger in the heat of the moment had me skip over the critical details.

    XT Cranks
    XT Groupset 1x11
    XTR Pedals
    Ibis carbon bars
    ODI AG-1 Grey Grips
    Fox Float 34 w/ internal air spring upgrade
    Float CTD Rear Shock
    Ibis 741 Carbon Wheels
    California Top Cap w/ silver Garmin Mount on the stem
    Garmin Edge 520 :/

    Had a JAND velcro strap locked on the frame with a spare tube, CO2 cannister and a tire lever
    Water bottle cage mounted under the frame with a white beat up arts cyclery bottle

    Thanks guys! Please stay on the lookout.

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    sory to hear...that sucks will keep an eye out

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    That really sucks! Just curious. How do these teens got access to your work place? They broke in at night?

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    Oakcity- This is the R. Blitzer gallery yes? If you haven't reported it to the Santa Cruz PD, do so quickly. Images are good enough that some of the west side officers may recognize them.

    El Cid is Spanish for The Cid..
    cmdrpiffle 7 points 1 day ago
    Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for Cinco de Mayo

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    It's actually a building that hosts a variety of different companies. It's not uncommon to have many people through the shared space. The guts of these kids to do something like this is a first. And now sadly I get to experience it lol

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    Also I reported this to the police a day after the theft and they have all still images in their system. I've contacted all high schools in santa cruz and I have had no luck ID'ing the individuals.

    If you guys could keep a look out I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the support all.

    Hopefully karma smacks these kids swiftly in the face...

    - Jon

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    Ditto, sucks about your bike Got to wander about punks that ignore the fact camera's are everywhere, hopefully they'll get sometime in think about that in front of a judge

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