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    OT (but still bicycle related): My Friend, Pete Brandt

    I got my usual RIDE BMX mag in the mail the other week and opened it up to page 65 to see my buddy, Pete, working his magic. Pete has been in the game since the late 80's (maybe even further back) and is truly a living legend in the world of flatland BMX. If you ever get a chance to go to the Embarcadero Clock Tower, you can see him and a bunch of other very talented riders amaze you with balance tricks that seem impossible (seriously, you look for the cable dangling from the sky). You may even see me looking like a fool out there.

    For a man in his 40's he's been able to keep his passion for BMX alive for many, many years - and rides 8 hours a day as a full time professional. He never gives up on a link or combo until he masters it. He keeps up with the young men half his age and often times goes beyond.

    We, as MTB'ers, can definetely learn from this philosophy.

    NOTE: All the pics you see below are fast spinning in tight rolling circles (turbine).

    OT (but still bicycle related): My Friend, Pete Brandt-peteb.jpg

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    Sweet! I can't pull half that crap anymore..occasionally pull a nice manual or nose stall to revert.

    It's cool to see he's still around b/c last I saw him was at the old BoyScout Ramps by the SwapMeet. He would pull stuff out of thin air, sometimes in spots or positions where most would go "WTF?? " He's still that ripped? Man, we're old, huh?

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