well i didnt think id make it to the top but i did ... had to stop a few times to catch my breath, and walk some stuff cause my legs were gettin weak from all that pedaling without a seat at the optimal height.

Up = 1hr 40 mins
Down = 20 mins lmao

anyways the reason i took that bike is cause my new xc bike is currently being built up its gonna be pretty sick, ill take pics and show you guys when i get it back should be this weekend.

So anyways, i really want to do some sort of epic in that area on the xc bike of course ... cause ive only ridden to the top, and ive checked out some of the other sweet trails that go down oat hill other than the main one you go up, but id really like to cruise around some more in the area. .. does anyone got a good map .... i also heard theres some way to connect angwin to oat hill