you might have noticed the sticky at the top of this page for a bikeskills clinic at N* on the 25th and 26th of this month, featuring the star-packed instructors of the santa cruz syndicate along with cam zink, cedric gracia and a cast of thousands.

that same weekend at northstar will also be the next-to final stop for abby and ariel, our superhuman demo team. they will be on hand both days at the mountain, and will have a pile of the usual trail bikes, as well as some driver8s, AND some of the all new, as yet unridden by the public, not even launched yet, carbon fiber V10s. you gotta pay for your own lift tickets, and we won't be letting people hog the bikes for hours at a time, but the demo is free, and this will be the FIRST chance for people outside of interbike to get a ride on the new downhill bikes.

drop a line to [email protected] for more info. we'll also get some info up on the website and blog in the next day or two.

and, in case anyone wants a road trip, those same demo bikes, as well as ALL the bikes (about another 80 of the things) from interbike dirt demo, will be on hand the following weekend in Moab, Utah, at Outerbike. that oughtta be a hoot. hope to see some of you at either or both.