Hi friends!

Last week we finished a mighty rock armoring project on U-Conn Trail in Pogonip, thanks to our volunteers who came out for Drop-In maintenance, the Specialized Dig Day, and over the weekend at our Dig Day with Mick's Automotive. First, we removed all the pavers, and dug a few feet down, all the while wheelbarrowing loads of base rock and dirt up and down the trail. Next, we carefully placed the base rock into the trenches to catch running water from the hillside. The finishing touches were sorting and vibraplating the loose dirt back into the tread, and placing the pavers strategically onto the trail.

Sound fun? Hard? Satisfying? Rewarding? Exciting? You too could be a part of the magic of trail building by joining us at our next Dig Day with Another Bike Shop on March 24 in Wilder Ranch State Park. With ABS, it's a guaranteed good time that you don't want to miss, so sign up now!