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    Listen! MBOSC: Castle Rock MTB Access Meeting 1/29/19

    MBOSC Supporters,

    I write to you with exciting news: MBOSC is advocating for mountain bike access at Castle Rock State Park, and we'd love your support at a public meeting next Tuesday! For a bit more background,Castle Rock is centrally located between Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space (MROSD) preserves, Sanborn and Stevens Creek County Parks, and Big Basin State Park. California State Parks is seeking public input to assist in the development of a management plan for the system of roads and trails at Castle Rock State Park. The purpose of the plan is to provide specific direction for the long term construction, maintenance, and management of the roads and trails in the park. This plan will lead to more bike access within the park, creating key regional trail connections. Access to fire roads and potentially some singletrack trails are possible outcomes of this process. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz is working with Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers to assess access opportunities. Please join us to advocate for expanded bike access by attending this meeting.

    When: Tuesday, January 29, 2019, from 6:00-8:00pm
    Where: Cal Fire Summit Station,12900 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95033
    What: This meeting will be an open house format where visitors will have the opportunity to view the latest planning information, discuss the planning ideas one-on-one with park staff, and provide written comments. Stop by anytime during the open house hours to share your ideas with park staff.

    For more information and talking points, please check out our website story here, or see the fliers attached. Canít make the meeting? Send your feedback to

    Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, and I hope to see you there!

    Thank you,
    Emma UssatCommunity Outreach Manager
    Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz

    Talking Points
    ● Castle Rock has 34 miles of trails and roads. All of which are open for hiking, 13 miles
    opened to equestrians and 1 mile open for bikes.
    ● Castle Rock connects Big Basin to Saratoga Gap and Sandborn County Park.
    ● Connection to Big Basin via Saratoga Toll Road will provide the potential for a bike legal
    skyline to the sea trail.
    ● Loghry Woods and Travertine Springs combined with the Saratoga Toll Road and
    Skyline Trail could provide a nice 10 mile loop. This loop would not impact the heavily
    used area closer to the main parking and climbing area.

    Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz Requests that the following trails be considered for bike access

    ● All the trails in the 2010 Draft Plan:
    ○ Saratoga Toll Road (E-16) 6.8 miles - complete
    ○ Kings Creek Truck Trail (P-26) proposed
    ○ Cableway Trail, (E-19)
    ○ Partridge to Skyline Trail, (P-22)
    ○ Bay Laurel Trail, (P-27).
    ○ Beekhuis Road Trail (E-17) and the new Brush Creek Fault Trail, (P-32)

    ● The following trails which could be brought up to State Parks standards for bike access
    with minimal upgrades
    ○ Loghry Woods 1.8 miles - from Hwy 35 to Castle Rock Trail Camp.
    ○ Saratoga Gap Trail 0.7 miles - from Castle Rock Trail Camp to Travertine Springs
    ○ Travertine Springs 2.1 miles - from Saratoga Gap Trail to Saratoga Toll Road
    ○ Skyline to the Sea Saratoga Toll Road Connector trail

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    I'd love to hear from the Silicon Valley side of the mountain on what access they would like to see. Driving past the main parking for CR on weekends it seems to be full of cars from climbers most of the time and I think I've seen horses?

    SttS in Castle Rock iirc is hiking only while the top part of Big Basin SttS is open to bikes. What about mtb on the privately owned portions of SttS?
    Not through the lower designated wilderness in Big Basin..

    Add some options for the TNGR?
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    Love this idea. The first thing I would have expected to see is a map highlighting the trails we are asking for MTB access on. Looks like if you dig into the PDF and cross reference it and you can figured out what the scope is.

    I suspect with the Indian Trail horsey community right smack in the middle this might meet some opposing. I'm not sure if folks living there are real horse peeps or squids.

    I'll try and make it, maybe bring the's for the children!!!

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    I'll be there tomorrow night, bringing my young daughter so she can get a civics lesson and hopefully help improve my credibility when telling officials that we should be able to ride trails legally in the park.

    I've nerded out a bit on the maps and the quick overview of what would be great for trail access is to be able to ride dirt from Sanborn (Skyline Trail) then through Castle Rock out toward Big Basin, which would mean at minimum opening Saratoga Toll Road to bikes, and better would be also opening Loghry Woods, Saratoga Gap and Travertine Springs for singletrack access.

    MBoSC has more detailed notes on all this, including info on trails that are still only planned. There's a lot of land in Castle Rock and that means a lot of potential.

    Hope to see some other mountain bikers out there tomorrow.

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    Bump bump, see you up there....
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    We the people ... MBOSC is showing up

    MBOSC and SVMTB formed a subcommittee to study this issue and we came up with this recommendations based on the 2010 Draft plan and from study of the maps and in the field. If anyone has any deep insights into the trail potential of this park then I encourage you to attend and/or provide input.

    There will be district officials and planning folks from Sacremento. This is the first of several trail plans that will be developed in district over the next several years.

    A bunch of us from Santa Cruz will be car pooling to this event. We hope to demonstrate that the local mountain biking community is engaged in land stewardship and we have the capabilities to fund raise and manage large scale volunteer trail projects.

    See you there tomorrow!

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    Good turn out tonight! If you were unable to make it please take a moment and send off an email supporting the opening of more valuable connections to and reference the Castle Rock road and trail management plan.
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