from their pr:
The snow is coming down today at Mammoth, with nearly 2 feet of snow expected to fall before things clear up tomorrow, and more flurries expected Saturday and Sunday. That's on top of near record snowfall totals this winter and a chilly spring.

Add it all up and, well, the trail crew has their work cut out. We were hoping to open next weekend, but given the snow situation that's not going to happen. The trail crew is working hard to clear the trails and as soon as we have an idea on updated timing for opening day in the Bike Park we'll let you know.

Lower Rock Creek in Mammoth is riding great as Shady Rest. So, plenty of places to turn pedals in the area, just not in the park (yet).

Photos on the link above

Mammoth Bike Park opening delayed-2-2019-05-16_mm_pm_newsnow_0293.jpg

Mammoth Bike Park opening delayed-1-2019-05-16_mm_pm_newsnow_0084.jpg