• 06-03-2004
    Looking for riders/trails in Napa
    Hi, I live in Napa and am looking for people who do mainly freeride stuff. If anyone does that then post here. I am also looking for some trails around here that have drops and stuff. I have my house which has a couple drops and like 5 jumps. I wanna find something around here so I can do something when I can't go to Northstar, so most of the time.
  • 06-03-2004
    East Bay Rich
    I know of a few people on Ridemonkey and MSDHW that live and work up there. There are also some high school kids on MSDHW that have a single slalom built on one of their family's property. I saw pics and it looks pretty cool. I can give you more details or refer them to you.

  • 06-05-2004
    xc rider in south napa right here.

    I cant think of anything good to freeride around here though.

    You wanna roll to northstar next weekend?