• 03-18-2016
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    Leatt Airflex Pro knee pad sizing?
    I posted this in the Apparel and Protection forum a week ago and there were no replies so I am posting it here to take advantage of the experience of the NorCal riders:

    I am interested in the Airflex Pro knee pads but am confused on the sizing. I sent a query to Leatt customer service but they never bothered to respond back.

    Per their chart I would fit the L/XL size in the regular Airflex (lower of two charts) but not any of the sizes of the Airlflex Pro (upper chart). Anyone have any experience with the sizing of the Airflex Pro? Did they make it only for little tiny legged people and I am out of luck?

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  • 03-18-2016
    I'm curious about this as well. Sizing seems weird for sure.
  • 03-18-2016
    I did get an email reply from Leatt about their sizing, and they basically confirmed that their sizing charts are correct. I seriously thought there were typos. In no universe do I fit anything size L or XL. So I did not get their knee pads. I ended up going with POC for those. I did however, get a pair of the Airflex Pro elbow pads in size S/M, which fits well and doesn't move around. I originally wanted the cheaper Airflex, and following their sizing chart, got a size L, which was just a bit too loose.
  • 04-11-2016
    Yeah, the size charts are accurate... if you're measuring the ACTUAL length of the elastic, unstretched, at each end of the pads. Totally weird approach. I ordered MED since I'm about that on everything. They were too small and I had to exchange for LG.