Last chance to comment before losing Marin trails (the *good* trails) - 11/21/2012-
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    Last chance to comment before losing Marin trails (the *good* trails) - 11/21/2012

    Vernonator summed up what's at stake in this post:

    That post referred to a pdf form that needed to be faxed (read: favors your grandfather).
    I just found an online form to submit comments here:

    County of Marin - Online Comment Form

    Deadline is Weds 11/21, 5PM.

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    Where can the Draft Road and Trail Management Plan be found? You really need to look at it in order to make any kind of response.
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    from verminator:

    Here is the entire draft plan:

    Here is a power point of the plan as it was presented (easier to read but eliminates some of the controversial language):

    Here is a comment form:

    Others can add specific content and letter writing points if they wish. Here are two points that I'm making with my letter:

    1. The trail standard of a 5 foot wide trail for multiple use came about from Connie Berto when Big Rock was conceived. Whatever the details of how this came about doesn't matter now. We've seen what the final result looks like with the 680 trail. The cost to build a 5 foot trail and the resulting environmental impact/cost are not backed by science, rather by emotion and opinion. If our nations trail standards were surveyed we might find that a 36 inch trail bench is typical and more than wide enough. Ok, you are right, more like 24 inches. We could go on about the speed reduction of bicycles, the environmental benefits, the cost reduction, etc. but that's for your letter. Narrower trails can be built with hand labor and used safely by MOST users. Wagonwheel for example. Yes, horses are not allowed but the OS survey shows that horses are .4% of the users, as opposed to 23% bikes and 76% pedestrians (page 5-41 in plan).

    One could also write about why we thrive on narrow trails be it slower outdoor experience, more challenge, more wildlife, etc. There is a lot to go on about here and the case has to be made as to why a trail like Paranickle/Hunters Camp is appropriate and necessary.

    2. The language that addresses our high school (NorCal/NICA) teams should be changed. The plan states no training for racing will be allowed (page 8-7). Really? A ranger friend states that this is not the intention of the new policy. Nevertheless, he is the law and must enforce policy. This is bad policy. These kids are our future of trail riders and voters. Lets help give them a little better platform to work with than we started with. Can I get an Amen?

    Ok good people, so this thing is exhausting and I've had it. I just want to write a good letter and hope it counts for something. There is a lot of good in this plan too as you'll see when you dive into it. Lets just take the time to praise the good and confront the bad. They want to hear from us!! Please DO IT.
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