This Sunday, May 20th, 2012, 10:00 am
Meet at the Eucs Skills Park
Lower Eucs Grove, above Elevator Trail

Ride or Hike in

Wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, STURDY SHOES, No sandals. Bring a hat and sunscreen and bug repellant. We will provide all tools and instructions. This is steep, loose hillside with some poison oak and yucca.

Jailbreak is the new "A" line trail, named for the CMC prison work crew who cleared trees for this line.

The work plan is to establish the entrance the staging area to meet the original plan criteria, knocking down the hip above the log-over, building a proper entry turn onto Flying Ewok trail, and constructing part of the top jump line of the "Jailbreak" trail. Some berm maintenance and other trail features will be constructed if enough volunteers are there to help.

Snacks and libations will be provided after the work day.

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