Holiday Weekend Ride Recap [o] Looked like rain and then didn't then did (?)-
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    Holiday Weekend Ride Recap [o] Looked like rain and then didn't then did (?)

    I squeezed in only one ride and only one photo. (c)
    How'd you do?
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    A little rain shouldn't stop anyone from riding...a lot of rain, well it didn't happen so out for an Auburn 'everything' ride. A good ride with good people that ended with good food and beer. Always a plus!

    Came across this scene coming down Culvert. Fortunately, the rider (a hardcore endurance all-mountain/xc rider) was not seriously injured. Plus he had already logged some serious miles and elevation, and he did not have too far to go to get back to his car.
    If you look closely, you can see that both sides snapped. I hope his replacement frame holds up, but knowing this guy, I doubt it.

    Holiday Weekend Ride Recap [o] Looked like rain and then didn't then did (?)-highres_219347312.jpeg
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    I was up at Lake Pillsbury, didn't rain on Saturday so I rode to the top of Hull Mountain. 5k feet climb, around 9% avg climbing grade. Was pretty sure it hadn't been done before, until 500ft from the top I was proven wrong as a guy came flying down on a Retrotec. Last bit was covered in snow so had to hike up it.

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    Dang that bike gets around a lot of ridges other than Big Rock/Chicken Shack!
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    Apparently around here it only rained at Demo Saturday evening... Not knowing this, I went to Demo and it turned out to be a mud fest. I did a short lap and then headed home. Hit up LG on the way back to get in a bit more riding. Chatted w/ Ancient Rascal at the top of Kennedy and had a beverage to celebrate a no-dab climb up Dogmeat. Cheers!

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