• 04-20-2006
    Friday Ride - Belmont's Waterdog park
    I am planning to do a ride Friday (4/21) afternoon up in Waterdog. I am going to ride from <a href="http://www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=415+Old+County+Road+Belmont,+CA+9 4002&t=h&ll=37.527664,-122.282124&spn=0.015588,0.054245&om=1">Passion Trail Bikes</a> up to Waterdog, then do a few loops in there. If you want to join me, meet at 1pm at Passion or 1:30 at the <a href="http://www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Cambridge+Road+and+Carlemont+Driv e,+Belmont,+CA+94002&ll=37.508875,-122.29444&spn=0.015592,0.054245&t=h&om=1">Carlemon t Cul du Sac (go south to the end of the road as shown in the map - haven't figured out how to get the pointer on the Cul du Sac yet)</a>. A couple of hours of riding and no fixed route in mind yet - guess trail conditions will determine that.

    Weather report is somewhat iffy, with a prediction of showers. If there is any significant rain in the area prior to the start of the ride, I will cancel.
  • 04-20-2006
    How but....
    giving us a report after your ride.....Trail conditions...and....any new trails...I rode there last year and that place has some potential and it is obviously a work in progress...how bout that progress?
  • 04-20-2006
    I will post a trail update, but will probably stick it in http://forums.mtbr.com/showthread.php?t=183120 instead of in this thread.


    Originally Posted by bigboulder
    I rode there last year and that place has some potential and it is obviously a work in progress...how bout that progress?

    They were doing a reroute of a connector trail this winter. Not sure how far they got with all the rains, but the extra, late-season soil moisture may allow them to get a few extra trail days in. The more people that get out there, the more progress - so why not help move the park towards being something you like better.

    Here is the original postings about trail work there from Berry Stevens (as I said - there may be additional dates added to these):

    <i>Here it is, hot off the press, or at least, my fingertips. The NEW Trail Work Schedule For Water Dog Lake, in Belmont. The Land Manager is friendly and appreciative, it's close & easy to get to and we're building trails with our interests & needs in mind. It's a cozy place, but full of destination quality trails. Come out & help make this season's project a reality and then come out & ride it. We will be working on Sundays this year and will be meeting at 9:00AM. Schedule as follows:
    Feb 19
    March 4
    March 26
    April 16
    April 30
    May 14
    Please e-mail Berry Stevens [email protected] to sign up for the date of your choice, or phone 650-364-6785, with questions or your eager desire to volunteer. </i>