Anyone know this guy? He lives on Market St near Glenn and Wales. Years ago he ran a CL ad selling old BMX bikes and parts. I figured he had a half dozen misc things of interest. But inside his house, every room, from floor to ceiling, BIKES. Lots of bikes. You couldnít walk through the rooms without rubbing against a bike. His backyard: bikes. Probably 200 or more. Of course, this is specific to anyone local or heard about him. I remember going there and his neighbor had a van with a bike shop painted on it, donít recall the shop name. Iíd love to go back and grab a bike or two if he is still there and selling. Google maps appears to show his cluttered backyard. Such a weird encounter, he wanted max dollar for anything from old Hutch grips or pedals to complete bikes. I left with only the smell of rusty steel and mildew. 😂