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    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan

    I went up Friday night after work. I'd told them in advance I was coming so I could get a (free) campsite. Found one, set up camp, started a fire and drank copious amounts of beer. Well, someone had to do it!

    Boy scouts were camped all over the place, yelling and having good times. I hit the sack after a while, and woke up at 4:30. D'oh. Tried to be quiet as I heated water up for coffee and restarted the fire. Had breakfast, then headed to the rangers HQ to get more coffee and a donut. People started rolling in, and by the time 8:30 rolled around, we were broken into groups, according to what tasks we had signed up for. I signed up for what I had hoped would be building fences around garbage bins, but it turned out that those had already been built, so our group of 15 was divided into 3, and each group painted an enclosure. Other groups were sent out to pick up trash around various campsites.

    Endo was a big hit with the kids. A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-endo-frisky.jpg

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-endo-above.jpg

    Each of our 3 groups ran out of paint before we could finish. Boss man said that's all he could get because of the budget. Jeez.

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-paining-1.jpg

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-painting-2.jpg

    Had I known, I would have picked up a gallon so we could have finished our 3 projects. Hopefully, I can get the Valley Springs Ace Hardware to chip in something next year.

    There was an official-looking guy running around with a camera, getting this group shot (yes, he was down in front) and getting lots of various photos as we worked. I wish I could have fit the whole group in my shot here to show the size.

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-part-crowd.jpg

    Really good turnout, maybe 150 people? They fed us afterwards, hot dogs & burgers. Next time, I'll pick up some Impossible patties for the vegans.

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-food-line.jpg

    Came back to a wind-blown campsite. I went around with my pickup stick and picked up trash that had blown around, along with some of the many ciggie butts that littered my site. Really? Can I just smack smokers alongside the head when I see them?

    Can you count the butts in this small section of my site?

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-buttheads.jpg

    All in all, a well-attended, well-run PLD! Thanks to all who participated.

    Each participant got a certificate good for a free day pass to any participating public lands. This includes passing thru Yosemite, I asked.

    A couple of pics from Public Lands Day at Hogan-flags.jpg

    The end
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    Well done, sir!

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    Thanks for volunteering Finch!
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    Looks like a good turn out. Very nice to see!
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    Thanks for volunteering. Hogan's needs help.

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