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    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020

    This lifted from the Santa Cruz County Horsemens FB page:

    "Bud and Emma are together again.

    Innovative, creative, passionate and committed barely begin to describe Big Creek’s co-founder, Homer T. “Bud” McCrary. To some he has long been known as a pioneer of sustainable forestry. To others, a champion of community trails, an instigator of epic trail-building adventures and a cultivator of inventive mechanical solutions. His employees considered him a mentor and a friend. Four generations have been fortunate to call him brother, father, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather. All of us are deeply saddened to share that on June 1, 2020, Bud peacefully passed away at his beloved home in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County at the age of 93. We will remember him as a loving father and family man, a passionate leader in our community and a tireless advocate for sound forest management and for his treasured employees.

    Bud led an extraordinary yet humble life. Born in Santa Cruz in 1927, he served in the Navy during World War II. Bud came home in 1946 to start Big Creek Lumber with his brother Frank “Lud” McCrary, uncle Homer Trumbo, and father Frank McCrary Sr. What started as a modest endeavor with crosscut saws and war bonds grew, with Bud’s determination, into the thriving Big Creek Lumber of today that Bud has always been proud to call his team.

    One of Bud’s greatest legacies was his contribution to forestry in the state of California, especially its Central Coast. Bud was influential in pioneering a style of selective forest thinning during a time when clearcutting was the prevailing practice. Nearly two decades after Big Creek Lumber instituted Bud’s single-tree selection harvesting methods, the counties of San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara adopted this method of forestry as special county rules under state law. We witness Bud’s legacy when we look at the vibrant forestlands of the Central Coast - forestlands that continue to contribute to the well-being of all.

    Bud would ask us not to be sad, but to continue to drive forward with his hard-working spirit, creativity, and ingenuity in our hearts. Thank you, Bud, for your enduring love for your family and your generous contributions to our community. You will be dearly missed"

    Of course Emma was his wife for which the trail in Pogonip was named. Bud was instrumental in its construction, providing MBOSC and the City of Santa Cruz the use of his trail machine. I was there when he came out to inspect the progress and took some photos:

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0581-1-.jpg
    Bud's wearing the hat; MBOSC Trails Program Director Drew Perkins is by the machine's seat.

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0584.jpg
    The Morrison Trailblazer even carried Bud's name!

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0585.jpg
    The machine was later used by MBOSC during the early stages of building Demo Flow. Bud had used it throughout California building trails.
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    Gone to the Great Forest In The Sky.

    Rest peacefully, Bud.
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    Quite a legacy.

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    Idyllwild, CA also has an old-timer named Bud. He is 86 and still rides MTB although on a e-bike now.

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    Anyone know which trails he built?

    I know Ridge Trail in Demo Forest is his work. Anyone know others?

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    What ever happened to the Trailblazer? That was one funky old piece of machinery. RIP Bud.
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    He needs a trail named after him! BMT has a nice ring to it.

    RIP Bud.
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    Some more photos from June 2012; seems like only yesterday...

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0586.jpg
    Bud continues holding court; the gal is Meta with Santa Cruz City Parks Dept, I don't recall who the other fellow was.

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0588.jpg
    I backed away to show the process; the duff cleared away, a chalk line showing the inside trail edge and a pin flag control point.

    Bud McCrary, 1927~2020-100_0591.jpg
    Until I saw this photo I didn't realize Bud had a clinometer at the ready; good for shooting trail grade or figuring how tall a tree is.

    In regards to where the Morrison Trailblazer is now perhaps Drew can jump in with that info. Belongs in a museum! If I remember correctly the McCrary's had his and her machines but one burned up?

    I didn't know Bud all that well; beginning about 1993 I'd bump into him once every 2 or 3 years.

    The first time was at one of the Swanton Pacific RR open houses; Bud was leading a guided hike up Big Creek---everything from redwood genetics to salmons runs were covered in a most thorough fashion.

    A few years later he was hosting an old-school logging machinery exhibition; I went with my dad who had also been a "cross-cut saw" woodsman.

    I'm not quite sure of the connection right now but it had something to do with Bud, a flight instructor I knew and the airstrip at Big Creek Lumber.

    I did a little bit of repair work to the Morrison in the field and also went to Bud's ranch (where it was kept) to take some measurements for a possible track retro fit.

    One final thing that underscores Bud's inventiveness, he had contacted an engineering friend about the feasibility of equipping trees with satellite-linked accelerometers
    to warn of impending landslides and earthquakes.
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    Quite the legacy. Thanks for the post.
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    Thank you for posting this.
    I wish I met him.
    Thanks to Bud for all he did.


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    Man another beacon gone. And in a time where we only relish the awards of their work. RIP.

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    MBOSC's latest newsletter carries a detailed tribute to Bud and Emma:

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    R.I.P. brother

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