• 07-12-2004
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    Bigfoot Classic race is next weekend
    Come enjoy Humboldt's finest! The Bigfoot Classic at Bald Mountain, about 20 miles from Arcata on Green Diamond timber property.

    This is an old-fashioned grass-roots event just like back in the day. We end each day with a wheelie contest, Huffy Toss and low-cost BBQ.

    Friday, FREE hillclimb. We line 'em up at 5pm, about 3/4 of a mile away (and 450' higher) at the top of Bald Mountain there's a $20-bill tacked to a post. First one there grabs it.

    Saturday, Cross-country. Starts at 10am. We've taken the 7-mile course from last year and added a 7-mile trip (fireroad and singletrack) out to and around a small lake. Beginners do one full lap, sports do one lap with the lake and one without for 21 miles, expert/pros do 2 full laps for 28 miles.

    Sunday, Short-track Cross-country. Experts do 6 laps of a 1-mile all singletrack loop. It's a climb to the top and then a roller-coaster ride down. Winner take all $100 cash.
    Beginner/Sports do 3 laps. Winner takes a $50 gift certificate to Folie Douce, one of the finest local restaurants.

    Sunday, Downhill. Our course has been a favorite for years. We've added a few new sections, including a faster start chute. It has all the jumps and drops the pro/experts love, but all have safe & sane outs for everyone else.

    Sunday, FREE Mass-Start Slobovian Downhill. This one is wild! We take everyone up to the top of Bald Mountain and send 'em all down at once for a streaking ride into the pits. Fast, scary and fun!

    (707) 845-3095
  • 07-12-2004
    Just FWIW....I made the trek into the dank, dark north from the bay area 2 (or 3?) years ago for a DH race and it was killer! The peeps, venues and vibe was hella norcal!

    Seriosly, tho...it's a good event(s)...check it out!