Best driveable locations for impromptu getaway with biking?-
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    Best driveable locations for impromptu getaway with biking?

    Feeling burnt out and need to take a week off. Looking for recommendations on places that would be good for a biking-focused trip that are <8hrs from bay area by car and weather is good right now. Bonus points for good food or convenient camping. Road trip style also possible. Any good ideas?

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    Fernie BC

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    Tahoe/Truckee is always an option. Plenty of riding up there. I'm not familiar with campground options but there seem to be a bunch of them.

    Mendocino always has great weather this time of year. Can also spend a day riding in Annadale SP in Santa Rosa or Oat Hill Mine Trail in Calistoga on your way up or back. Russian Gulch State Park in Mendocino is only about a mile from town and you can ride trails right from the campground. If you bring your road bike you'll have even more options, esp in Santa Rosa and Calistoga.

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    Bend, OR
    Stop at Ashland on the way then Oakridge and do the big shuttle.


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    Mt Shasta and Ashland have been getting a little rain. Both of those places have accessible camping and good restaurants.

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    Humboldt, or Mammoth.

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    It's Sept, so the Mountains are nice, but it's still too hot for the desert.

    <8 hours

    - Tahoe
    - Dville
    - Mammoth
    - Paradise Royale
    - Mendo
    - Mt Shasta
    - SLO
    - Ashland
    - Oakridge
    - Bend
    - Umpqua

    If it were me, I'd be looking at Mammoth and Oakridge.

    If it were Oakridge, I'd think about catching Ashland, Umqua, or Bend (more for beer than riding) on the way up. As stretch goals, I think of going north to Black Rock, Hood River, or maybe St Helens.

    A little further out, you could look at Idaho (Sawtooths/Sun Valley), or better yet Teton Pass (i've always wanted to ride there). Or heck, you could stretch and go to Park City/SLC.

    Or say **** it, get on a plane and head to BC.
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    +1 for Umpqua and extended layover in Ashland. Should be camping options available with short/no notice this time of year in both places. Growler Guy + Standing Stone for "provisions" on the way up, great trails, awesome scenery.

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    Have you ridden Oregon (it would also help to know what kind of riding you're looking for)? If not, like others have said, Ashland is a great place to start. Maybe continue up to Mount St. Helens (IMBA epic), Hood River/Post Canyon, Sandy Ridge, then hit Dread and Terror/Umpqua on your way home. Or you could just go to Tahoe and save lots of driving. Have fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brah View Post
    If it were Oakridge, I'd think about catching Ashland, Umqua, or Bend (more for beer than riding) on the way up...
    Just got back from the Bend area, spent a month in central Oregon. I go every year for a few weeks.
    Bend is nice, but I never was all that impressed with the Bend trail system. A big network of trails, but most are meh and just loop through the woods. I spent two weeks near Sisters (Camp Sherman area) and like their trails better. They actually connect to places interesting -- there are destinations along the trails -- lakes, streams, overlooks, smaller communities and resorts -- nice places to stop and hang out for a while before continuing the ride. Pack a collapsible fly rod on the bike and make a nice day of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MK_ View Post
    Bend, OR
    Stop at Ashland on the way then Oakridge and do the big shuttle.


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    Very hard to disagree with the call to ride Ashland. There is just nowhere in the 8 hour +/- range from the bay, that you can get a direct shuttle to 7500' elevation and descend 5500' in one run, and still get all-the-stuff like steep chutes, wide open sight lines, several soil compositions and still make it to Gil's for a beer in town. Chicken Cheese Steak is unreal good there. It is not uncommon to descend 15,000' in a day in Ashland. I know a guy that did 5 laps of Time Warp in a day. It is what you make of it... Southern Oregon can keep a mountain biker busy for a month of Sundays. Klamath Falls, Applegate, Cascades (Hwy 140) are all ripping and wide open for camping.

    Not denying Mammoth or Tahoe, those places rip. But aside from the obvious that the aforementioned are good, how about something totally off the grid in CA that others have mentioned, too, like Mendo, Paradise Royal, Humboldt, or even hit Alta Sierra at Kernville, and grab a shuttle to Canal Plunge? All these places have good camping.

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    Oakridge and Ashland for sure. Great riding and they've been getting some precip, so even better than when I rode there in July.

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    "Feeling burnt out and need to take a week off."
    Indeed, this!

    Taking the 1st week of Oct off for my own mental physical and spiritual retreat, so I'm heading for Downieville/Gold Lakes area. 4hr drive if you time it right.
    Too boring?
    "I suppooose", he says unconvincingly.

    SO much to do around there. Shuttle. Pedal up. 4 wheel. Hike. Sit on my ass looking out over beautiful clear alpine lakes...
    With only 7 precious days off, I'm def not gonna spend 2 of them commuting...

    Okay, Mr. Obvious signing off.
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