Auburn Trail Work Days-
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    Auburn Trail Work Days

    So I contacted FATRAC to get the facts on trail help in the ravine. The following is the response:
    Hello Myke,

    Thanks for your email. Yes, you are right the culvert trail has a mud-bog
    at the top. Unfortunately this time of year and especially this year
    because of all the rain will cause that particular area to be very wet.
    Also unfortunately a fix in that area requires much more effort than a few
    shovels. It actually requires a small bobcat, lots of rock and gravel, and
    manpower to construct what we call a causeway. A causeway allows the water
    to flow under while we ride on the rocks. This kind of work is considered
    quite significant by State Parks. We have attempted to get this work done
    for the last couple of years but because of environmental requirements of
    State Parks we have been unable to get all the proper documents completed to
    make that work happen.

    Only FATRAC sponsored events, led by one of our trained trailwork leaders
    (Tracy Grant specifically for Auburn area) are considered legal FATRAC
    trailwork sessions. Please do not go out and do any work because it will
    likely be seen as illegal and you could be ticketed by State Parks. I have
    cc'd Tracy Grant on this email. You might be able to convince him to lead a
    trailwork session on a particular day if you can guarantee a group of

    The next calendar is being developed right now....upcoming Auburn trailworks
    are on May 20 at the confluence and June 17 on FDLT. I hope that you and
    your riding pals can make it to either one or both of those trailwork
    sessions. Tracy will be leading both of these sessions.

    Thanks so much for your inquiry and I hope to see you at one of the
    trailwork sessions.

    Sue Fry

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    Subject: This is an email direct from the FATRAC Feedback website.

    Hello there-
    Since the sun has come up and the water is receeding ever so would be a great time to get some trail work done in the
    Auburn area, namely the mud-bog formerly know as "the Culvert Trail."
    If there is a trail work day scheduled for a Sunday, then I'll show up
    with shovels and a strong back.
    Also, if FATRAC isn't able to 'sponsor' the trailwork day, can I form a
    group of a few guys to go out and help the trail out? I don't want a
    Ranger getting mad at us for working on the trails.
    What is the proper way about getting a trail work day started?



    Figures.....politics tape crapola....

    But at least there are two scheduled days at this poit in time.

    May 20th and June 17th.
    So that should be enough of a head start for people to clear their schedule now to be able to come throw shovles and haul rocks around to hel pout the trail situation.

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    Thanks for taking the initiative to get more info. Although the big fix won't be done, I'm sure there are a lot of little fixes that can be had to greatly improve the trail.

    Mr. P

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