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    XT MT785 - lever coming back to bar when lightly pulled, not when pulled hard

    Hey guys,
    Any idea what's wrong and how easy it is to fix. Pretty new brakes, working fine before a crash last week. No physical damage seen to lever but had to dig a load of mud out of the nooks and crannies.
    Since then, when the brake is suddenly pulled on, it feels fine and works fine - completely solid lever, brakes work and feel just as powerful as normal. However if the lever is stroked on gently, it just comes all the way back to the bar. After doing this, if it is released and then pulled on quickly, it feels normal again.

    There are no leaks apparent even after an hour's ride. The brake felt just the same at the start of the ride as at the end.

    I can only think that the master cyclinder seal has twisted or partially dislodged somehow - otherwise the fluid must be escaping somewhere external, which it isn't. Does this sound right, and how easy a job is it to fix (and more importantly, get the parts)?


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    I'd do a bleed First. If the problem persists the Master cylinder piston seal could be bypassing fluid / pressure.

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    Well, did a bleed, no different. Dismantled the MC, flushed the whole thing out with brake cleaner, and still no different.
    As it does not appear possible to rebuild these levers (no way to remove the MC piston without drilling out the pivot), i'm looking at a new lever I guess. Not very impressed.

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    Shimano is pretty good with warranty, maybe try contacting them to see if they will do anything.

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