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    xt calipers with slx/saint lever

    hey guys i am looking at getting some xt calipers and slx levers from a bud. how much would i gain from upgrading the levers bact to xt ot saint? both are available on ebay for decent prices. or should i just rock out w the slx

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    If you know the SLX levers work with the XT calipers (I can't confirm this) then the main distinction between SLX and XT levers would be weight. At least on an (all SLX) setup vs. an (all XT) setup, the braking performance is surprisingly similar and aside from potential mismatch issues between SLX and XT which I can't speak to, the main difference between SLX and XT is weight not braking performance. You might as well run the SLX levers and see if the cost to upgrade levers to XT would be better spent elsewhere once you get a feel for the new setup.

    I'd be more concerned that saint doesn't pair well with XT calipers than SLX levers with XT calipers but this is a hunch based on the fact the Saint may be more likely to operate at a different leverage ratio which I have never dug into to know for sure.

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    I honestly think that you might have it a bit backwards. I'm not positive, but I think the SLX and XT calipers are identical... and the levers are the only difference. I have XT in the front, and SLX in the rear. The stopping power is almost the same (the difference I notice is probably the larger rotor that's paired with the XT brake), but the build quality of the XT lever is noticeably nicer than the SLX.

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    personally, what i don't like about the xt lever or the xtr lever is the 'bling'. i don't like shiny stuff...

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    SLX and XT are the same brake just differnt colors and none of the adjustment at the lever with SLX. I've got both and the performance is the same. The SLX XT and ZEE levers are all the same lever. The XTR and Saint are the the same lever.

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    xt calipers with slx/saint lever

    I've had XTR levers with SLX calipers and vice versa. They work the same keeping the groups together and also interchanging the levers and calipers. Pretty sure it will be the same thing when you use the XT calipers. They are all the same other than weight from what I can tell. I wouldn't even sweat using saint levers. They are the same as XTR just painted black.

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