I've been running my HFX carbons for 2 years now. Plenty of power, a bit grabby, frequent rubbing problems & a sticky piston on the rear. Pads are shot, rear rotor is warped, basically they've been ignored too long and need some love, at a minimum two sets of pads and two rotors.

I weigh 150, ride a 30lb trail bike fairly aggressively and have long descents. Will moving to a new set of rotors and Galfer pads smooth out the modulation a bit, or do I just need to bite the bullet and go to a higher-end brake (hope 4/mini, formula, etc). Not having ridden many brakes other than a pair of juicy 5's (which were nicer than my hayes) I don't know how different it's really going to feel. It just seems that the 75 bucks Im going to spend on my Hayes might be a waste of cash. Will the new pads and rotors breath new life into my brakes, or should I just splash out for something new?