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    When to replace brake pads and rotors?

    Hey im wondering when to replace my brake pads and rotors?

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    Rotors are replaced when too thin. I too lazy to look up the measurment. Go to whomever made your rotors, find the minimum thickness dimension. Then measure your rotor and act accordingly. Replace your pads when worn to 1/16 to 1/32 inch. Metal on metal; friction material completely gone is bad.
    Causes poor modulation and fast wear on the rotor.

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    You'll go through....

    a lot of brake pads before you have to replace the rotors. Most rotors are a very hard stainless steel that won't wear very quickly at all. If you are concerned, as OldMTBfreak noted, go to the manufacturers website and find the minimum thickness requirement for the rotors that you have. As for pads, most should be replaced when the pad material and backing plate reach a thickness of 3mm or less. But do check with the brake manufacturer, there is some variablility to the 3mm - rule of thumb.

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    Rotors will develop a ridge just where the contact with the brake pad ends...

    This little ridge can cause noise problems...

    You can take the ridge off with a file or a little bit of fine sand paper. Just hold the sand paper between your fingers and spin the wheel...

    You can do this several times before the rotor would wear very much at all.

    I have only retired one rotor....on a long muddy ride both pads came of the backing so I rode and braked steel and steel for about 30 km....That put some pretty beg scratchs in the rotor.

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