STX-RC - who has a good memory!-
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    STX-RC - who has a good memory!

    I have an older Giant ATX 760 that needs some refreshing...

    As it has original brake pads, I want to replace them. Being a bike mechanic noob, I have no clue what to replace them with. I looked in the forum and ebay etc, and the STX-RC Cantilever brake pads have horrible reviews - so I figured I should change the pads to something better. Kool Stop pads have good review, and well they sound kool, so was thinking I should switch to those... however I can't figure which ones would work with the STX-RC setup I have...

    My setup looks like this.
    from what I gather, M65T is the replacement pad that fits into these holders...

    Thanks for any advice, for anyone who remember what STX-RC components are...


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    If it is anything like the stx-rc's that I had on my old performance m405 they will accept any post mount brake pad. Damn I'm old.

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    Do they look like these?

    If so, they don't have pad holders as such. You replace the entire pad / post assembly and like slipfitting 2 says, any post mount brake pad will work. Swissstop made some good pads that were green and grippy. Ashima also make some multi compound ones.

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