Sticky spot on new rotor-
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    Sticky spot on new rotor

    Hey guys/girls,

    I do apologize if this topic is here already somewhere, I tried searching and Google searching but I didn't have much success.

    Anyways, I have the cheapo Tektro mechanical disk brakes on my new Cannondale F8 that I bought just a few months ago. At 240lbs, the 160mm rotor on the front was doing all it could with this rather cheap set up, but I could not control my downhill speeds as tight as I would like to have done.

    So, not having any extra money laying around, I picked up a new Tektro 180mm rotor for $25 (I guess I had $25 extra money, sorry for lying...).

    I took it out that night and rode down a long, gradual hill to break them in properly (as per online recommendations that I found). By the end of the hill, the brake was grabbing nicely. However, I also noticed a "bumping".

    So, the next day I went riding with a friend and at the end we were coming down a steep, paved street to his house and I thought I was going to break my fork in half! On every revolution of the wheel, the brakes would grab suddenly with more force, causing me and the bike to jerk. Does this make any sense?

    Basically, as I'm slowing down, the brake grabs and jerks the whole way. Not really noticeable as much on the trails as there are many other jerks and bumps, but on the pavement, I really hate using the front brake! I only have the RST Gila up front, so I know this cannot be good for it's already forcasted short life span by most reviewers...

    The rotor runs pretty straight, with maybe an extremely small "wobble". Would this cause the sudden grab as it goes by? I did notice a "pulsing" with the original rotor right from new, but got used to it. Now with the bigger rotor, this "pulsing" is driving me nuts.

    Any help for a disk brake newbie is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    It sounds to me as if your brake was not broken in properly. When incorrectly done, a hard layer forms on the pads and on the rotors which causes this intermittent braking that you're describing. I have never had that problem myself but when it has come up in the past, the recommendation is to remove rotor and pads and then sand them with a very fine grit sandpaper to remove this layer and then try breaking them in again. In the future, I would also suggest steering clear of Tektro.
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    Thanks for the reply. I will try that then this weekend, sand both the rotor and the pads and then break them in again.

    And as for Tektro, I totally agree. As soon as I can, these brakes are going out the window...

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