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    squeaky sound with my rear Juicy 7??

    hey guys,

    need a little help here. i recently bought a second hand bike. upon inspection, the bike looks to be really new. i believe it was actually ridden under 10 times by the wife of the seller.

    small issue:

    the rear brake makes some really bad squeaky sound while braking. any ideas on what caused it?

    there is no actual lack of braking power, just weird noise. the front brake is fine.

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    The caliper may not be aligned properly. I usually just loosen the caliper bolts and then squeeze the brake lever to align the caliper. While still squeezing the brake lever re-torque the caliper bolts to spec. Release the brake lever then spin the wheel to make sure their is no rubbing.

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    Not a new problem... But possibly the right fix...

    I know this topic has probably been beaten to death and you may have your brakes already fixed, but i want to put my two cents in on the subject in hopes that it will eventually help others with Avid Juicy 7brakes...

    To troubleshoot, rub your finger along rotor and check to see if the squeal lessens. If the oil on your fingers reduces the squeal then that is where your problem is and you will need a new rotor and break pad + spring setup.

    What I think happens is at parts wear down (rotors thin, pads shed material and springs wear) a gap forms between the rotor, pad and caliper. This gap overcomes what the brake pad spring is capable of displacing and allows for a vibration to occur between the brake pad and the caliper.

    The fix is this... Don't buy Avid parts!!! Use Hayes rotors as they are slightly thicker (and cheaper). Use aftermarket semi-metallic or organic pads (Avid pads are too hard and brittle which makes them more likely to chip and/or glaze)...

    At first the new rotor and thick pads will fill the rotor to the max and cause break rub... You will need to drain 1-2 drops (depending on how you like your lever pressure) brake fluid from the lever to relieve the pressure and free the wheel...

    For over a year i've been fighting this problem with new Avid rotors, pads and various modifications... I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on new Avid pads and rotors in this time. Someone on this forum gave me a few ideas which i ran with and this is what finally worked... hope it works for you and saves you some $$... Thanks to everyone for their help and let me know if you want specifics on the break pads and such...

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