• 11-01-2011
    Specialized Camber brake swap
    I posted this in the Spesh forum but thought I'd get better exposure to brake gurus in this forum. I want to get rid of the stock Avid's as I'm not really happy with them, and go with the shimano br-m785's. I was wondering if the out of the box cable sizes 1000mm front and 1700mm rear would fit a large frame camber or if I'd have to trim and rebleed them. I'm not really a bike mechanic so I'd prefer not to have to trim and rebleed them. Anyone have any insight? Anyone have anything to say for or against the shimanos? Thanks!
  • 11-01-2011
    Can't you measure the Avid brake hoses that are already on your bike?
  • 11-01-2011
    Measure what you have and compare. If the new lines are significantly longer, you should probably trim them. However, if money is tight, you should be able to get away with having them too long for a little while. Not ideal though.