Shimano vs Hayes Rotors-
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    Shimano vs Hayes Rotors

    Once I get my new bike I want to run Shimano XT brakes (m765) instead of Strokers.

    I was thinking of leaving the hayes rotors on there since it will come with 8" & 7" front & rear (the XT's are supplied with 6" rotors).

    I am wondering if hayes rotors are considered "better" than shimano rotors, particularly as they seem to be twice the price?

    So the dillema, are hayes rotors any better than shimano rotors regardless of the size?

    What size rotors to run will be an issue for me to sort out after we move house (to the other side of the country) and once I get the new bike and start riding it.

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    I have Hayes brakes, with a Hayes rotor in the back and a Shimano rotor in front (bent the original Hayes ). I don't notice any real difference in braking power or feel. The Shimano is thinner, and so seems to be wearing faster but that's it. I'd say run whatever rotors you want.

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    The biggest difference in performance between different branded rotors is the braking path. As long as your brake pads have enough braking path, you won't notice a difference. Shimano rotors are designed for Shimano calipers, so you should be set.

    Since you are going to use Hayes rotors, just make sure that the braking path of the rotor is adequately aligned and spaced for the brake pads (I think it should be).
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    Hayes rotors have a braking path that is quite a bit wider than Shimano. You should be fine. I've got a set of m755 4 pots running on Hayes v8 rotors.

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