Hey all,

I'm working on a friend's bike (95' Jamis Coda) that needs a little TLC. The bike needs a little basic maintenance but the biggest "issue" right now is the fact that its could use new brake pads and is actually missing 1 pad up front.

I've been trying to find what I need but I've run into a snag... It's not just the pad that's missing, but the whole piece that holds the pad to the cantilever. The bike has Shimano 400cx brakes.

I'm not sure what the proper name for the missing pieces would be but I'm missing the threaded piece that looks like a socket head cap screw with a hole in the side (this is what the pad slides through) and the two "washers" that allow for pad adjustment as well as the nut that ties the whole thing together.

Here's my question, what is the proper name for the pieces I'm looking for and does anyone know where I can find them?

Thanks in advance.

I'm also looking for replacement pad recommendations if anyone has any that will fit this brake.