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    Scratching Disc Brakes!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum; it looks like a pretty cool place.

    This concern might have been raised before, but I've got a problem that's giving me a bit of a headache: scratching disc brakes. Yes, those. You know, you spin the wheel and this awful sound follows, as if someone were scraping his/her nails across a blackboard! That is, I think the discs (my brakes are Hayes HFX-9s) are scratching or rubbing up against some part of the braking mechanism. When I lift up the bike to spin the wheel freely, it seems that the rubbing of the disc against the braking mechanism is reducing my wheel's spin potential. None of this is a result of my bike's age because while the model is fairly old (it's a 2004 Kona), I've ridden it very little. The guy at my local shop told me that it happens on many bikes to a degree, but I think I need other experts' opinions before I come to any conclusions.

    So here are my questions:
    (1) Is it a problem with the braking mechanism or a problem with the disc? Would a new pair of discs solve the problem?
    (2) Can the disc be straightened out somehow? Can the braking mechanism be fixed in any way?
    (3) If I have to replace the discs, would my HFX-9 mechanism accept the new HFX-9 v-cut discs?

    Thanks in advance everyone

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    Take off your wheels. Using clean flat screwdriver push the piston inside sideways.
    First of all check it if your caliper line up correctly with your rotor (disc), check if your discbrake mounting (on fork /chain stay) is not bend. If it is'nt then you might add or move some spacer if needed.
    Check if your disc bend or not, using wheel truing or any tool for this purpose.
    If it's bend it can be straightened up in some degree.
    Screeching noise if you applied the brake can happen on every brake brand, but doesnt interfere with wheel rotation when you don't apply the brake.

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