according to conventional knowledge (ar at least the conventional knowledeg i have), rim brakes work best on machined brake tracks. however, the last two rims i have bought, an NOS 217, and a new alex DX32, both have been giving me substandard stopping power compared to what i had been using previously, namely, rhyno lite rims with the brushed surface.
i have also ridden hard-ano rims with great success in the past, in fact, come to think of it, some of the best braking i have ever gotten from rim brakes was with hard ano rims.
i know a lot of it has to with the sometimes quirky and unpredictable interplay between rim surface and brake pad, and that not all hard ano rims are created equal, and that machined and brushed brake tracks can vary greatly in many ways, too.
just hoping to hear some other people's thoughts on this.