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    Retap IS 6 Bolt screw hole?

    (Does that sound dirty or what? )

    I have a screw that does not seem to go in straight on a IS 6 Bolt hub. I'm able to tighten it just fine but I'm afraid if I ever have to swtich rotors that it may not go back in correctly.

    Is it possible to re tap a disc screw hole on a 6 bolt hub?


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    It sure is possible, but requires a new tap and a LOT! of skill.

    If you know a craftsman like a tool-maker or the like, have him do it for you.
    If you're from Denmark, drop by and I'll sort it out.

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    Leave it with no bolt, you will be fine. Many World Cup XC racers run three IS bolts with zero problems...
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    Worst case, if you fuxor the hole attempting to square it to the hub, is to drop a heli-coil in it, and NOT use locktight in it.

    The ONLY downside to attempting to straighten out an angled tapped hole, is that at the top (beginning) of the hole, the threads major Diameter is WAYY above spec., leaving very little thread profile to use.. (in some cases, less than 50% showing thread, depending on how bad it is)

    It's better to use metric steel thread inserts. Drill it up square for the inserts thread, red locktight it in, and your done.. Just may need a slightly longer screw to make up for the inserts screwdriver slot section that's not threaded..

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    Pull the bolt and chase the threads with the correct size tap.....but don't forget to use some oil. Or you could use a thread repair from Loctite.

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