Rear J7not Working Properly-
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    New question here. Rear J7not Working Properly

    After a couple of rides the rear J7 I just bought has this tendency to make the wheel vibrtate in a strange way with this metallic sound to it, not a squeal though. Makes the bike feel weird but its hard to describe. Did I not break in the pads well enough? Might there be some premanent damage to the pads and/or rotors? Any ideas what might be wrong?

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    Is it a stuttering feel with an agressive whirring sound associated with applying the brake? My rotors had very sharp edges which seemed to catch on the pads and make the brake feel choppy. I used a small diameter chain saw file to smooth the outer and inner edges of the wave shape on the rotor's brake track and this solved the problem. The edges I drew over in red, on the inside of the rotor (the side facing the spokes) are where I smoothed the edge slightly:

    <img border=3 src="">

    If that does not help or you don't feel like messing with it, Avid will probably offer to send you new rotors like they did with me.

    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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    Thanks for the detailed pic and suggestions. The brakes do feel choppy actually but theres no agressive whirr, only a nondescript metallic sound. I dont know Im even describing it properly. In any case, I will try smoothing the edges see if this helps.

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