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    Question on older Ultimate L's

    I got tired of the pivot slop in my old SD 2.0 levers, so I scored a pair of Avid Ultimate levers on E-bay. They turned out to be relatively old (late 90's), though still in decent shape and still for v-brakes. They don't have a return spring, which the newer ones do. Are the springs just missing? I looked them over and don't see a place for a spring to connect. Will that make a difference - I'll be using these with Avid disc's. I'm concerned they won't retract all the way if there's any drag in the cable (full housing front and rear), and my brakes may drag.

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    I'm not sure if they're supposed to have a return spring but you could always up the spring tension on the brake caliper itself at the black hex head bolt (like a 2.5 or 3mm..? (never used em myself)).
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    I use the same setup...

    It works great. There never was a return spring in those levers. I also use full housing Flak Jackets, but any quality housing will give good results; no problems with lever return. As the other poster said, dial the return spring at the caliper for the feel you want. Position the lever for easy one-finger braking, as you will rarely need to use two.

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