I have Shimano m575 hydraulic disc brakes and my brake lever popped out after a gnarly crash. Basically the ball end of the pushrod pulled through the "washer" that is held in by a snap ring after the lever was pushed open very hard. I was able to unscrew the pushrod a bit so I could swing it over and push it back into the hole by squeezing the lever. The brakes worked well enough for me to finish the 21 or so miles I had left (sweet). The brakes seemed to work OK.

However, there is a lot of initial play in the lever. It seems as if the piston is not retracting all the way and the lever is able to move out about an inch from the point at which the push rod is pushing on the piston. In other words the lever is floppy until I pull it in and then it seems OK.

I doubt that I pulled some other piece out. It seems that Shimano doesn't sell parts for these levers and I can't find an exploded view to even see what is in there (and use the right terms, which I doubt I am).

My assumption is that the system just needs to be bled (since w/o the pushrod the piston would have been able to retract too far) and would be surprised that the internals are screwed up (like a bent piston) since the lever was pulled out, not pushed in AFAIK.

I have free service at my LBS and they have tried bleeding it twice and it still behaves the same. They had to get in a bleed kit for this type of brake so I'm not sure that they have ever bled this style before. I'm new to disc brakes, so not sure that there is anything significantly different here.

Any ideas on what is going on and if there is a trick to bleeding if this happens?

Anyone have a drawing of a brake lever that has all similar parts as the BL-M575?