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    Once again, Kudo's to magura

    As posted a few weeks ago, I was having problems getting my magura marta/king iso/fox fork to set up properly. After facing of 1mm of material, I was still having problems. After running through everything on the list to see what was up, Jimi sent me out a new caliper, without waiting for mine to get back to him.

    Well, the new rotor bolted right up, and while I did need to machine that 1mm off, all problems seem to have subsided, no more rubbing, though I have a tad bit of squeeling to get rid of.

    Then after bleeding, in a bout of my own impatience, stupidity, and working on a bike at 2am... I overtightened the resovoir cap bolts. I needed to bleed again, and they wouldn't come out. Well, on a suggesting from Magura, I cut slots in the screws (they are tiny) to use a screwdriver insted of the very small torx bolt. They came out no problem and 2 new screws are on the way (I told them my fault... ). Though, a slot in those screws wouldn't be a bad idea from the factory.

    Again, great customer service from the boys at Magura.

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    Are you ready to solicit Cult membership?

    Sounds to me like we might have a new pledge looking for brotherhood in the Magura cult.

    Me thinks you should give Mike T. a page then open your office window and scream at the top of your lungs:

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