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    New M series Magura brakes

    Anyone know when these will be released? They seem to be for sale in Europe,but don't find them here. They look sweet!. Thanks, Harry

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    It is very difficult to pinpoint when new products will be released. Some companies are very god about saying when a product will be out and then following it up with a release date close to that projected (ie Intense M9). Others have problems with production, tooling, or for other reasons continue to put off the release date and end up delivering the finished product much later than originally planned (Hayes Prime).

    When the Magura Marta SL Magnesium brakes were released I waited for six months until they finally came in and the projected delivery date kept on getting pushed back further and further. Once they were delivered they were awesome and worth the wait. With regard to your question there is probably information available as to when the MT's will be out but nobody really knows. It happens all the time that those dates come, go, and new dates are set in the future. It is all speculation until they reach the U.S. even if they are available in Europe.
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    Hello and thanks for the interest in the new brakes!

    Also, Thanks for the help mtbnozpikr! (love the name)

    The new MT-8, MT-6 and MT-4 are scheduled to arrive this week in the US but have yet to show up.
    We fully expect to receive them very soon, if not this week, then next.

    You are absolutely correct about chasing delivery dates for the reasons mtbrnozpikr states but these are on schedule and are in transit.
    The Magnesium delay was due to dealing with the difficulty of manufacturing magnesium calipers and prompted us to eventually manufacture alloy calipers with the Mag brake set instead of magnesium.
    Everyone has had super difficulty dealing with magnesium calipers in production and if you notice, no one makes a magnesium caliper with their set. Oh we have all tried but check and you will see no longer.

    Thanks again for your interest in Magura !

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