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    New brake pads for v-brakes

    I have a set of avid mag vs and its time for new pads. They came with the rim wrangler IIs and I was wondering what others' views are on how these compare with other brake pads.

    I usually ride pleasant xc with the odd dh thrown in for a bit of terror. It doesn't rain much, but it's nice if the brakes still work when it does.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    I've used stock Avid, Shimano, Ritchey, Koolstop, WTB and no name Taiwanese brake pads. I really liked the Avids, good wear, braking and they were curved to conform to the rim better (easier to align the pads to the rim). But the best ones have to be WTB "normal condition" (black) pads. They last way longer and give excellent braking. Expensive, but worth it. The red pads don't last as long, are too abrasive, but give even more power.

    Incidentally, WTB and Ritchey are made by Koolstop.

    The only pads I don't recommend are the Shimano pads. They don't provide such great braking and wear out after a few rides in wet conditions.

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    I would give kool stop a try


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    I recommend two similar-looking, but different, products from KoolStop:

    --the WTB Razor Combo pads will slide into your Avid holders. These red/black combo pads include a short section of more abrasive red pad, and work very very well. I've been using them for years in my Arch Supremes.

    --the KoolStop low-pro combo pads are one piece, not modular pad/post replacements. These red/black combo pads use the "salmon" formula from the famous Scott/Mathauser brakes (KoolStop bought the PATENT) and really work well. These are what I have buddies upgrade to if they don't have cartridge carriers, and what I'll have to use when the WTB's disappear. They work great.

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    Thanks for the advice (nm)

    Thanks for the advice (nm)

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