My brakes squeak, LOUDLY?-
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    My brakes squeak, LOUDLY?

    I took my bike in to have the drive chain replaced and they said they would put on brakes for a nominal fee. Since then, the day after it rains my brakes squeak and I do not know why. Anyone know why this is and what I can do to stop it?


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    What Type of brakes are on your bike? You may need to re-center the caliper over the rotor if your LBS didn't do it after installing the new pads.

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    Talking about rim brakes?

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    Not uncommon...

    and not too much you can do about it. The clue is that it happens the day after it rains. All breaks squeak or squeal, it's impossible for them not to. It's just that most squeal outside the range of human hearing. You see you have a metalic pad that you are rubbing against a steel rotor that is attached to a aluminum hub that is in turn attached to a collection of hollow aluminum or steel tubes that are welded together that make a perfect tunning fork! It's amazing that they don't squeal horribly all the time.

    Anyway, the most common conditions that cause brakes to squeal is wet weather or cooler temps and high humidity. Moisture collects on the rotors, when you apply the brakes it heats up the rotor and turns the moisture to gas as it evaporates under the pads. This creates a vibration that is often audible. It's the same with most rim brakes, most are silent as the grave until the rims get wet, then they howl like a scalded dog.

    The bottom line is, most brakes when wet will squeal. There isn't much you can do about it. You could try changing brake pad materials. It may solve the "problem" it may not. It just depends on the brakes that you have. Personally, if the only time your brakes squeal are during of after a rain, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as they are pretty much silent when its' dry, you really don't have a problem.

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