Magura Marta brake drag question-
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    Magura Marta brake drag question

    Just recently the front disc on my Magura Marta's started to drag on a regular basis, and I'm perplexed why this is happening and how to fix it.

    First of all, I built the bike myself. And when I put together the front brake (Fox F80RLT fork), it went together perfectly -- no drag, no reason to have to shim the caliper.

    The rear brake was another story - I had to shim it out to make the caliper align with the disc. But once I did that I had no trouble.

    But now that I have a few hundred miles on the bike, the front rotor started to drag. It's either a slight drag or a serious drag, depending on how I insert the wheel.

    The rotor is apprently rubbing on the outside pad. If I stare down the caliper and squeeze the brake lever and release it, I can see a gap on the inside pad (ok) but not the outside pad (bad).

    I tried taking off the pads and reseating them. That did not work. And a shim won't help me out because the brake is already rubbing on the outside pad. Shimming out the caliper merely pushes it the wrong direction.

    Anyway, if you have any idea why this is happening and how I can rectify it, I will be very grateful. Like I said, I put the first 200 miles on the bike with nary a problem on the front, but now it is acting up.

    Other info: wheels are Velocity VCX w/WTB Laser Disc Lite hubs. The skewers are American Classic q/r's (steel rod).


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    If the caliper was centered properly when you first mounted them...

    ...sounds like it could be variations in how tight you're setting your skewer, as you say it depends on how you put the wheel in. It also could be a warped rotor. If this or a proper bleeding as per the Magura Cult site ( ) does not work, you may need to have the fork tabs faced.
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    You might try reanimating your pistons.

    BE CAREFUL NOT TO POP THE PISTONS OUT. If you do you will need to buy a new caliper. The plastic spacer will work to prevent this.

    1. Remove the pads.

    2. Carefully squease the brake lever to expose the piston. Clean the area with something like White Lightning Clean Streak and a couple q-tips. Allow to dry.

    3. Apply some Magura Blood to the pistons.

    4. Cycle the pistons in and out many times again using the spacer to keep the pistons in place. This should get the seals wet.

    5. If you see one side moving more than the other, hold the side that's moving which will allow the other side to move. Do this a couple times and it should correct itself.

    6. Clean off excess Blood.

    This all worked for me. If none of that works, give Magura a call. They will help you out.

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    Perform the steps to free sticking pistons that are on my Magura Cult site - link given here already.

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