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    New question here. Magura Louise FR Line Cutting Question

    I got a new set of Louise FRs a few days ago and proceeded to install. The front line was way too long so I followed the instructions to cut the line and lost a bit of the blue fluid when I unscrewed and removed the 8mm fixing bolt. I continued cutting the line and the brake felt fine, but the line was still too long so I cut it again, this time being careful not to spill any fluid. Rides fine it seems, but the line is still a bit long. Is it bad to open up that hose so many times? How about after it's been ridden? Seems weird to me that I can lose some liquid but still have full brake power and control.

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    Should be OK...

    I don't think you'll have a problem. Magura fills them up pretty full out of the factory and the amount of fluid lost when you unscrew the line is miniscule.

    A word of advice...
    be sure to push the pads back flush into the caliper before you cut the line. When cutting, keep the hose pointed up so that the fluid stays down & the air stays out.

    You'll know soon enough if air entered the system, but I bet you're good to go.

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    Make it fit right Kitty Cat, I can not see how you'll have a problem.

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