Magura Julie HP, after cutting hoses, do I need to bleed?-
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    Magura Julie HP, after cutting hoses, do I need to bleed?

    I recently purchased a Magura Julie HP to replace the BB7 that came with my bike, this is my first hydro and I am not sure if I should expect better performance over mechanical disc brakes (my old bike had BB5). I had the LBS put on the Magura Julie HP, and since the hoses that came with it was too long, I noticed the mechanic put my bike on its side and cut the hoses and installed the hoses back again, then did the same thing on the other side. Though the brakes seems to be working, that even after a few days of braking in the the pads, I noticed that I needed to pull quie hard to get the bike to stop, and I needed to excert more power compared to my previous bike with BB5. Both bikes current and previous were both 29er and had similar tires and 160mm rotors, even their weight is similar.

    Should I have the brakes bled? Do I really need to use Magura mineral oil or can I mix with another brand of mineral oil?

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    Fairly common to cut the brake lines the way your LBS did and not need to bleed after.

    The fact that you can put lots of pressure on the system is making me think the bleed is fine - typically if there is air in the system the lever would go all the way to the bar / feel "mushy".

    Could be a difference in pad material - i know that maguras high end brakes are available with either a performance or endurance compound - the performance being a much grabbier pad that takes less pressure to engage.

    As for the mineral oil do NOT use anything other then magura royal blood in magura brakes.

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