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    New question here. looking for v brakes

    im looking for v brakes but don't know which one should serve me best
    i do know i can't aford shimano xt or xtr v brakes.
    i can aford shimano LX v brakes but i would like to have other options of v brakes
    that more or less cost the same as the LX. I would like to get opinions which brakes are better and why.


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    Get some last year's model Avid Single Digit 7s or Avid Single Digit 5s from Pricepoint. Team them up with some Speed dial 7 Levers or FR-5 levers

    The Avid v-brake stuff is excellent and you can get them pretty cheap.

    If you want even better performance, upgrade the pads to KoolStop pads
    Warning: may contain sarcasm and/or crap made up in an attempt to feel important.

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    As far as performance goes pads make a much bigger difference than what brand of brakes you get. In terms of construction the nicer brakes are usually lighter, use more stainless steel hardware that resists rusting, use cartridge pads, and have better bushings or even bearings in the pivots so they feel smoother for longer.

    IMO the SD7 is the best bang for the buck, esp for $20 like here. Then add a set of these pads for front and back. I never tried the stock Avid pads, but the stock Shimano ones chewed pieces out of my rim and didn't work as well as the Kool Stops either

    Edit: haha, I was beat to the punch with the exact same advice. Obviously must be good advice then

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