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    Juicy rotors, which one is shipping?

    Looking Avid's web site, they show a wave/peak shaped rotor (kind of ugly), whereas I've seen a more notched style in various pictures and online stores.

    Anyone know which one is shipping, or does the style change depending on the size of the rotor?

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    FWIW, I picked up a pair of 160's a couple of weeks ago and it is the "notched" looking style; they do not look like the rotors on the Avid site.

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    I'm curious to see what shape the larger rotor sizes will be. It's possible the delay is down to the whole patent bollocks. Perhaps they haven't decided/resolved which rotor design to manufacture?

    I'm really wildly speculating now, but I think the 160 Juicies that we've managed to get a hold of are probably what Avid had manufactured before the patent issue blew up, and needed to get rid of to protect their investment.

    I'm probably going to get myself a larger rotor for the front, but if it turns out they're using the newer design, I might go for one of the larger round mech rotors and put an old mech rotor on the back. I'd rather not have a notched 160mm on the back and this new design on the front.

    As an aside, having ridden with the wavy rotors for a couple of months now, I'm not really convinced they really do very much functionally. However, they do look undeniably sexy if that's your thing

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    Dude, Didnt you have any issues with the wavy rotors, like vibration when braking hard and noise, all in all bad quality brake feel? thanks

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    I get pretty severe squealing and a juddery feel accompanied by a lack of power when the brakes are cold, but this all goes away when they heat up a bit. It's easy to blame this on the rotors, but it could be the pad material.

    It only takes a small amount of braking to sort this out, so it doesn't bother me very much. Having said that, I wouldn't mind getting to the bottom of it. I plan on trying the pads from my avid mechanical at some point to see if this makes any difference, but in order to do so i need to remove some pad material to make room for the separator spring.

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