Hi, I have a pair of Hayes hydro and the rear one is working extrange, when I start riding the brake lever gets hard to press and after a while it works normally. This could also happen during the ride, it gets hard to press again and then it works normally, this could be very annoying especially during downhill rides. I think this problem occured after I did a 2 hours downhill course, I had at that time a 6" rotor on the back and the brakes got so hot during the ride that they constantly stopped working untill they cooled off a bit. After that day I installed a 8" rotor an bleed them using Hayes DOT4 fluid. I did the 2 hour downhill run again and the they got hot again but not as the first time so I had less troubles braking but the problem with the lever getting hard to press and then getting normal continues. Please, any of you ever had these kind of problem or knows something to fix it?. The 8" rotor is a little out of true but i'm not sure this could be the problem because with a good 6" rotor happens the same. I will appreciate any advice. Thanks and sorry for my english, I hope i made myself clear.