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    I may have gotten my Juicy 7's to quit squealing

    I'm posting this with the caveat that I've thought so before, but this time it's holding up.

    Like many, I started with the Juicy 7's.. mine are out of Taiwan with the single pinch bolt.

    Started stock with the polygon rotors, stock pads etc.

    Front and rear squealed and stuttered.

    Changed to the Hope 2-piece rotors with stock juicy pads.

    Cut down on the stuttering by about 80% front and rear, limited the squealing on the rear but still had some, front squealed like crazy still.

    Called avid and explained the situation. They were cool and sent me out some newer compound pads. Black backing, alternative compound.

    Tried this with the hope rotors.

    Rear is suprisingly good to go. No more stutter, just an ever so slight squeal. I'll take it.

    Front quited down a fair amount. But still squealed. Love those hope rotors as they are only 90 grams! However the front squealed still (more of a high pitched) and always is going out of true.

    So, Avid sent me some roundagon rotors, which I believe means "heaviest freaking rotor available in a 160mm) at 135 grams. HOWEVER it has shut my front brake up. It's like the rear now just an ever so slight squeal.

    Now, I'm not thrilled that I"m running a 135 gram rotor up front, I think the polygons were 110 or so. But, I'm wondering if some of the squeal up front had to do with rotor deflection and torque on it (at my svelete 210 lbs). I'm not sure. My thought though is that the heaver rotor is deflecting less, vibrating less etc, combined with a different compound pad etc.

    Plus, I replaced the clips on "top" of the caliper with some newer, supposidley heavier ones.

    Braking power, lack of fade etc, still outstanding so I'll stick with em for now.
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    Always replace pads when you replace rotors, because the pad conforms to the rotor. The Hope rotor has a fairly narrow braking path, which is probably where you were getting your squealing/stuttering problems from. It's also possible that the pads were grabbing the arms of the rotors, which is why most of the polygon rotors stuttered. The solution was to place a washer underneath the cps washers to space the caliper up.

    I run my J7s with Hayes rotors. I ran it with the original round rotors and now the the v-8 rotors. No issues.

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    You don't have to necessarily replace pads & rotors together

    If only changing the rotor then run the existing pads over a medium grit sandpaper then rebed them.

    If only changing pads then lightly run emory cloth over the rotor's brake path

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    Yeah... You cold do that too... I prefer to change it all together for piece of mind. Running the pads in a figure 8 pattern across sandpaper is essentially planing the pads to a flat surface again.

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