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    I may be the exception, but I don't like Galfer pads..

    My '05 Juicy 7s came with B3 compound pads. Recently, I replaced just the rear set with Galfers (they wouldn't fit in the front without some modifications). The stock pads give a high pitched squeal. The Galfers don't squeal at all...Unfortunately, I'd rather put up with the squeal. The Galfers caused crazy shuddering during braking. They would behave fine up to a point, then there would be a terrible moaning vibration. The brake power would drop dramatically during the shuddering. I re-aligned the caliper 5 times trying to make the Galfers behave. Each time I messed with the caliper, I also cleaned the rotor (160mm clean sweeps) with alcohol and sanded the pads a little with 80 grit. The last thing I tried was bleeding the rear caliper. Nothing made an improvement, so I gave up on the Galfers and put the B3s back on. Squeal is back, but no more shuddering!

    I don't know what was different in my case to make the Galfers act to poorly. Most people say nothing but great things about them, but for me, they didn't work out very well.

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    I'm an exception too. I did not like them in my Juicys much either (they squealed when wet like many pads). I posted about it loooong ago.
    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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    New pads on an old compound just does not work well.

    You need to completely clean your rotors with 800 grit sand paper and LOTS of water to remove the old pad compound.

    Then rebed the pads and rotors.

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    shig is right make sure you start with a fresh slate with other pads. I find the galfers (red) very quiet but moderate lasting, have fun!

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