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    how heavy are you ??
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    i have got some juicy 7's

    and I am thinking that there is too much fluid in the lines. The margin of error is too little for pad to rotor contact (i.e. rubbing). Can I take some of the fluid out of the lines and if the pistons are sticking a little can I un stick them with having to re bleed them?
    P.S. how much space between the rotors are there supposed to be between pads and rotors anyways?

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    There's very little room between the rotors and pads. Are you sure that it's not just that you need to reset the pistons and center the caliper?

    Take the wheel out. Use a flat head screwdriver between the pads. Rock back and forth. This will push the pistons all the way back. If the pistons will not retract completely into their bores, then your system may be overfilled. You can let out excess fluid pretty easily. Level out the lever. Open the bleed port on the lever, reset the pistons again. This will force out any excess fluid. Try this if resetting the pistons or centering the caliper doesn't work.

    To center the caliper after resetting the pistons... Loosen the two bolts that attach the caliper to the adapter. Pump the lever a few times, then hold it. While squeezing the lever, alternately tighten the two caliper bolts a bit at a time. Take care to make sure the caliper does not shift while tightening. Visually inspect the pad/rotor gap. Check for rub. This may take a few tries.

    If the rub is intermittent, it may just be that the rotor is out of true. Check the FAQ or Park Tools website on how to true rotors.

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    Does the rubbing slow the wheel down? ALMOST all hydraulic brakes will have a little rubbing. If the rubbing doesn't slow the wheel down I wouldn't worry about it. If it does, however, what Will said should work. My only contribution is to emphasize the need to alternately tighten each bolt, a little at a time. It took a few tries with my 5s, just like he said, but they are now working well.

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    Make sure to put the wheel back in before centering the caliper.

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